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09 September

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End user, business and technical perspective.

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Mobile Apps for Independent Living:

An end user, business and technical perspective on mobile apps to support independent living of older people.

Mobile ‘apps’ have a huge potential to help older people keep their independence both at home as well as on the road. Many AAL projects are now making use of the opportunities offered by mobile operative systems. Mobile applications are likely to become more accessible for older people over the next few years. Especially the use of voice technology will provide for many new opportunities. This workshop will go further into the opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing mobile apps for supporting older people in their daily life. Experiences from different projects are commented and best practices are interchanged from different perspectives.

The MAIL workshop will discuss and interchange best practices on the development of mobile apps with its challenges and opportunities from different perspectives. It will focus on the perspectives of older people on mobile apps and mobile device. Different end user organizations and representatives will tell about their experience when it comes to 65+ people using mobile devices. The workshop will discuss market perspectives related to mobile apps and devices. It will present different business strategies that can be used for the exploitation of mobile apps. It will also highlight a successful example of a solution currently on the market. Finally the workshop will go into the technical perspectives on mobile apps. Examples that can change the use of mobile apps in the future are issues such as positioning, speech based technology, interoperability with other devices such as sensors, etc.

The MAIL workshop is inherently related to the AAL programme. It focuses on the future and innovation in mobile apps for the Active Assisted Living market. It will discuss the challenges and opportunities for now and the future.

  • The vAssist Project

    As starting point for the discussion, this section will shed light on the user’s perspective regarding the use of mobile devices as a personal assistant for health or ADL support. New interaction modalities such as touch and speech have the potential to reach older people and therefore to minimize the digital divide. Speech interaction improves the accessibility and technology acceptance and therefore leads to an increased engagement with assistive technology. Drawing from the experience of the project vAssist, we will present our findings related to the specific device, service and interaction requirements of older users.

    View: End-user perspective – vAssist project
  • ALFRED: Mobile solutions for health purposes

    As a continuation of the previous section, this section will present the end user perspectives on mobile solutions for health purposes. It will highlight the potentials of mobile technologies from the perspective of secondary end users such as caregivers and medical professionals when they are attending to their older clients.

    View: End-user perspective – ALFRED project
  • ASSISTANT: Public transport navigation support

    This workshop will describe the use of GPS for mobile solutions, to urban pedestrian navigation. We will also discuss dynamic support of guiding navigation (and any kind of prompting system) by capturing ‘errors’ generated both by the dynamic context and by user interaction and systems of mitigation. Mitigation support consists of both machine generated prompting and involving the users social circle.

    View: Technical perspective – ASSISTANT project
  • The ALFREDO open app marketplace

    ALFREDO will be an open marketplace for apps. The main goal is to be the marketplace of reference for the older people apps. It´s will be focused to the different type of users as older people, careers, experts and developers. In this section will explain how ALFREDO will be accessible for every type of users and what services will provide them.

    View: Technical perspective – ALFRED project
  • Coffee Break

    Time for a short break. Relax and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee. :-)
  • Interoperability issues in real world installations

    Based on its experience on the roll-out of 7000 users in real life, this part of the presentation will go into the interoperability issues that arrive with open service platforms and mobile devices.

    View: Technical perspective – REAAL project
  • Business Models for mobile solutions and Independent living

    This section will present some interesting Business Models for mobile solutions and Independent living in ALFRED. Despite having a well-designed technology, many technologies and services struggle with their implementation and entrance in the market. In this session we will introduce the main business strategies being used and developed for AAL technologies, focusing on how the benefits are generated for the stakeholders.

    View: Business perspective – ALFRED project
  • GOCIETY: Business cases and challenges

    GOCIETY will present their solution to the participants. They will tell about their experiences in the implementation of this innovative solution on to the market. The section will explain how they came to their business case and tell about the challenges they faced during the process as well as the future ahead for the company.

    View: Business perspective – GOCIETY
  • Panel

    We will organize an interactive panel discussion by the ALFRED project team for exchanging ideas and dicusssing the aspects that appear during the workshop.
  • Close

    This is a sad part because the workshop ends and you will have to wait for at least another year in order to meet us again... :-(


As mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, are becoming an integral part of our lives, opportunities are rising for applications on mobile devices that can support older people to live independently. This workshop will go further into the opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing mobile apps for supporting older people in their daily life. Experiences from different projects are commented and best practices are interchanged from different perspectives. The schedule on the left side shows you an insight about the different discussions. Please click on an entry to get more information.


Experiences from different projects are commented and best practices are interchanged from different perspectives. The workshop is a joint undertaking of the AAL related RTD projects ALFRED, vAssist, GOCIETY, ASSISTANT and REAAL but will be open for all participants. The workshop will go beyond the pure state of the art presentation but will also look towards future possibilities and potential joint partnerships. It will bring together experts from the user, scientific and technical perspectives and follow a cross-disciplinary approach between the IT view and the health care/medical view.

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